Original research articles


Meyer JR, E Michel, P McIntyre, B Huntington, D Long, and G Lara. Scale-dependent processes of community assembly in an African rift lake. Freshwater Biology. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2427.2011.02639.x

Long, DJ & AR Baco. Rapid change with depth in megabenthic structure-forming communities of the Makapu’u deep-sea coral bed. In press at Deep-Sea Research II

Departmental journal

Long D (2008) Arboreal Biogeography: the effects of physical gradients on the size and spatial distribution of Ocotea usambarensis, Mazumbai Forest Reserve, northern Tanzania. Rhodes Journal of Biological Science 23: 37-45

Outreach science writing

The Urban Times

Is the Earth’s sixth mass exinction looming near and large? – 3 April 2011

A planetary experiment:  ocean acidifaction and biology – 16 November 2010

Whale poop can enhance ocean productivity – 20 October 2010

A cautiously-optimistic call to arms in coral reef science – 18 October 2010

Uncharted Atolls

I believe that outreach is an important part of science, and that the internet can aid scientific communication. Uncharted Atolls is an online science outreach project (yes, a blog) that I created in order to do my own small part in promoting scientific literacy and discussion, specifically within ecology, conservation, and global change biology.  This endeavor has been well-received, garnering multiple professionally-selected Editor’s Selections from ResearchBlogging.org, an online blog aggregator and community featuring only articles about peer-reviewed literature.

Selected articles:

Frontiers:  the deep sea and climate – 16 March 2011

Crushing predators reinvade the Antarctic benthos – 23 March 2011

Symbiotic foreclosure:  coral bleaching predictions and a potential acclimate mechanism – 17 October 2010

Mismanaged fisheries:  don’t forget the invertebrates – 3 October 2010

Emergent conservation issues – 26 February 2010



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